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Book bags. Foto: Jenny Fant

Book bags. Photo: Jenny Fant

Subscribe to a book bag

Publicerat 24 januari 2024 | Av |

Do you enjoy reading but have difficulty getting to the library? Then maybe you’ll be interested in our subscription service. Start subscribing to a book bag today! The only thing you need is a library card in Gothenburg, and it’s completely free.

What is the subscription service?

The public libraries in Gothenburg offer a home library service for those who have difficulty visiting the library due to disabilities. The service is free of charge. You subscribe to one or two book bags that will be sent to your home every sixth week. There are seven books in each bag. If you read in Swedish you choose between different genres but if you have a language bag you get an assortment of books in your language.

Who can use the subscription service?

Those with disabilities.

Those who have difficulty walking and carrying heavy items.

Those who are resting for an extended period of time after an operation or illness.

How does it work?

You choose whether you want one or two bags and in one or two genres. When the library’s transport delivers new bags to you, the old ones are picked up and taken back to the library. You don’t have to worry about return dates or overdue fees.

Do you want to start subscribing to a book bag? Register your interest here!

You can also contact us via email: bokkasse@kultur.goteborg.se or phone: 031-368 34 00

HERE, you can find a video about the service in several different languages!


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